"JUDGE LYNCH Holds Court!" That was the banner headline in a Posey County, Indiana newspaper after seven African American men were murdered by a white mob during October, 1878. The judge, prosecuting attorney and a future governor were involved.

The paper described the lynch mob as consisting of two to three hundred of the county's "best men". Then the newspaper editor, who had been an eyewitness to the murders on the campus of the Posey County courthouse, called for the, "dark pall of oblivion", to cover the crimes.

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Gavel Gamut Greetings from JPeg Ranch  is an anthology of entertaining and thought provoking newspaper columns on a wide range of topics from history to law to current events. The Gavel Gamut columns were published in four area newspapers and span the time period of 1990 to the present.

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It is 1924 and Haskell Indian Institute has a great football team but they need a home stadium! Coach Frank McDonald plans to use an exhibition game on the Osage Reservation in Oklahoma to start the fundraising for the stadium. When proud, oil wealthy Osages and greedy gamblers, such as Titanic Thompson, Hubert “Daddy Warbucks” Cokes and Arnold Rothstein, get involved, the schoolboys from Haskell become pawns in an off-the-books contest against professional football players with the Kansas City Cowboys. But Osage Chief Fred Lookout along with such ringers as “The Wild Horse of the Osage” Pepper Martin, John “Big Skee” Levi and Jim Thorpe, have a game plan of their own. With “Pretty Boy” Floyd running the illegal alcohol concession and Deputy U.S. Marshall Frank “Pistol Pete” Eaton officiating, booze and money flow freely. Coach McDonald learns from the beautiful Cheyenne woman, Raven Who Sings, that football is much more than a game to the Fighting Indians from Haskell!

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